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Third Eye

I’ve always know what it is but not known exactly how to use it and haven’t really seen it. I still have a long ways to go to learn how to use it but I finally saw it and began to use it.  Does anyone know what this is???.





It is my 3rd Eye and really my Invincible Summer. It is this playground located between my 2 eyes that is a bright glowing light and a place I can go to lead me in the right direction. That direction is to a higher level and elevation upward and inward and that brings me closer to my spiritual leader God. The other day when I was in Yoga class I just saw it and felt it pull me up and forward and inward. I always feel so close to myself in Yoga and God is within us.

I took these passages out from my teachings “The Fall of the Human Intellect” written by Guru A. Parthasarathy.

Old Testament: The voice of God declares, ” I am that I am”.

New Testament: Jesus Christ affirms, “The kingdom of God is within you.”

Quran: Prophet Mohammed asserts, “The greatest jihad is that for the conquest of self.”

Bhagavad-Gita: Krishna pronounces, “I am the Self in all beings.”

Upanishads: The Rishis (Enlightened Sages) avow, “Self is God”.

So through finding my 3rd eye it has given me a door into my real self that is a bright light shinning and it is where I can begin to find peace and bliss because peace and bliss are being closer to God.


Palm Sunday

Being the good catholic girl that I am (kidding) I went to church today. I do enjoy going, seeing if the message will reach me, praying and my favorite part is shaking hands with everyone and saying “peace be with you”.  I just think there is something special about having contact with a complete stranger, smiling at them and saying peace.  Today I got chills when I walked in and heard the choir’s angelic voices.  It felt good, but then I got bored. It was hard to focus. My mind kept going to what I had to pick up at the grocery store in the afternoon and what I was going to do the rest of the day etc.  I kept on telling my self to “focus on the present”, “hear the message and reflect on what the priest is saying”.   Sometimes it comes natural and it feels like the message was meant for me and I love those times.  When I don’t really get much out of the message I think maybe somebody else in church needs to hear it more than I do.  I know..I know.. I really shouldn’t expect to receive but to give…like in prayers.  But it always feels good when I sense a strong spiritual connection to God while in Church.

Many times I say Yoga is my religion.  And I say this because Yoga is very spiritual for me.   I am always in the present, my mind is always in the room and focused on what I’m doing.  Mainly because if I don’t I would likely tip over onto someone else’s mat.  Either way the instructors also have a message they share  with us and they give us time to reflect and look within.   Sometimes I even feel like God is standing next to me, letting me know that I will always have someone to depend on, someone that will always be there for me no matter how tough life gets and what challenges are put in front of me.  If I try a headstand and fall, he’s not going to let me die but maybe just get hurt a little bit.  I cherish those moments too.

I think life is more meaningful with a sense of spirituality.   Wherever you can feel closest to your higher being, it doesn’t have to be part of an organized religion or in a church.  It can be in a yoga class or on a soccer field.  For me…I’m just glad to have found it.

Dios te bendiga y Namaste