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Wave Your Flag

If I had to choose one country to win the world cup it would be USA. Mexico is a very close second and that just shows where my pride is at. I am proud to be a US citizen, more than anything I thank my lucky stars I’m a US citizen and am blessed with all the privileges it brings with it. I had to think about this long and hard, if the US and Mexico where playing against each other who I would I be happiest about winning, and the answer is the US. But I’m also proud of my heritage. Being tied to a rich culture, people that have overcome extreme obstacles and succeeded, memories of my grandparents…It all makes me want to scream for Mexico to win today!

The World Cup has so much significance on our cultural dynamics. It’s not just about the game, its PRIDE, being able to say your country is the best at the world’s largest sport. Yes its tons of fun to watch the games, hot guys and plenty of action on the field. All this mainly done while drinking your favorite local libation with friends and strangers while giving fun banter and high fives. What’s not to like?

So be proud of where you are from and where you are at today. Be thankful for where you are from and where you at and don’t forget to Wave Your Flag and say Cheers!