Night Owl to Early Riser in 30 days….

The formula has worked!  No meat, no caffeine, no alcohol, studying The Fall of the Human Intellect every morning, and no hanky panky, wait did I just say no Hanky Panky? Yes that is part of the formula….and I’m up at 6:00 am on a Saturday morning with only 2.5 hours of sleep and feel fully alert and ready for the world! All of this is part of the lifestyle changing formula. I really had to give myself a month or so to do it because in the beginning I went through the headaches of no coffee, and withdrawals of my favorite foods but once I began to see the benefits I was able to start reasoning with my intellect vs. emotions and attachments like I need this or I need that to survive!

Just a couple of weeks ago I put on my facebook status “How do you change your habits and become a morning person, even though you’ve been a night owl your whole life?”. I got answers like “have kids, drinking before bed so you have to get up early and go pee, get an early morning JOB”. These are all answers that FORCE yourself to get out of bed in the morning but how about doing it by choice?  Good answers but the formula above helped me change my mind set and make physical changes in my body that have allowed me to become a morning person.

And I’m fucking shocked by this one simple change I’ve seen in myself. I never thought it was possible that is why I had to use the F word…because I’m just that surprised by my behavioral changes. A month ago I would have talked myself into going back to bed because the mere thought of only getting 2.5 hours of sleep must indicate that I need more sleep. I mean its pure logic right? Actually it is not, the pure logic is if you are not tired wake up and get your ass out of bed!

This is one of the many changes I have seen over the past month, but one that I have been trying on my own to accomplish for the past 1o years.  I do not think, “now that I have accomplished it I own it and can do it every day”.  It will take daily work to keep up this practice and change.  On a side note now that my 30 days are almost up I will be continuing many of the sacrifices I have made with slight modifications that fit my true self.

Listen to your intellect, reason out what really is the logic and make that change you want to see but be consistent daily and you too can make it happen!



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