Ozomatli New Album

Back in the day if I was still in the music biz, I would have the advance copy and be talking about this album months months ago, but I actually stumbled upon the details on TED:  Ideas worth spreading.  They played at the TED’s legendary block party and they plugged their new album along with an exclusive video (4/20/2010).

This is definitely a band that should be honored.  Staying close to their cultural roots and embracing everyone else’s too, Ozo is a Funk Infused Latin Lovin’, Far East to Far West, Rasta, Africana, musical genius that introduced me amongst many others worldwide to sounds I had never heard before.

They blend them up and it’s what they like to call LA Home Grown music.  If you have not been to a concert, please go you will become an instant fan. The audience is as blended as the music and they love to get you moving and involved by rooming around, and that is why they are recognized as Cultural Ambassadors by the U.S. State department.  Did I mention that the Mayor of Los Angeles declared 4/23 Ozomatli day too, how cool is that?  I’ve loved them since the beginning, not only because they loved Minnesota and always put on an amazing show for us 3 times a year but because as a person of multi cultural backgrounds I could relate to the music.  It is multi-lingual, multi-cultural and musically diverse.  They tell stories with their music about issues people may not know about and help bring awareness and understanding.

Ozomatli homepage link: http://ozomatli.com/

Click here to read a great album review and see an exclusive SXSW acoustic video.




2 responses to “Ozomatli New Album

  1. Kendra – one of the guys (whom we hung out with in Minneapolis – do you remember that night?)…well his wife is from Santa Fe. So they always play here or in the area. I loved these guys since the first show at First Ave. They are not only an amazing band but an AMAZING cultural representation of all the things positive that can happen when we unite to create/love music. Definitely buying it!!!

  2. @ Shannon you are so lucky to have them come to NM often. To my knowledge they have not come through the D since I’ve been here 😦 I guess I just have to keep watching Youtube videos!

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